Babycakes Got cake? Need chocolate? Call Babycakes! As there are so many varities of cakes, I am going to mention only some of the most popular available choices.

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Cake Choices:

After developing BabyCakes formula's and making every cake and torte to order, I can ensure the highest quality cakes and tortes possible. If there is some type of cake or torte that you would love, please feel free to contact me.
1. Genoise: ( This moist, gold cake has a wonderful texture and vanilla flavor. )
2. Dark Chocolate: ( A highly rich, dark chocolate c

ake that is just, simply excellent! )
3. Carrot: ( This is a moist spice cake made with fresh carrots, rasins, and walnuts. Crafted in two layers and filled with a lemon-cream cheese buttercream, and dredged with fresh toasted coconut.)
4. Marble: ( A great combination of genoise and swirled dark chocolate. )
5. Fresh Cheese Cakes: ( Traditional Italian, or New York Style, either way you can't go wrong. Topped with fresh Maine blueberries or maybe a compote of brandied apple-almond. )
6. Fresh Fruit Swirled: ( These tortes start with genoise and can be mixed with most any type of fresh fruit puree; raspberry, strawberry, lemon, etc. )


In addition to the wide variety of cakes and tortes there are also numerous fillings to choose from. Once again I will mention some of the most popular.
1. Mousses:
◦ White Chocolate
◦ Cherry
◦ Dark Chocolate
◦ Strawberry
◦ Lemon
◦ Raspberry
2. French Custards
3. Fresh Seasonal Fruits
4. Brandied Chocolate Ganach


Buttercreams are light, smooth mixtures of butter, flavorings, and sugar. Buttercreams are used as sweet coatings for cakes and other baked goods. There are many variations of buttercream recipies such as:
1.Simple Buttercreams: These are made by creaming together butter and confectioner's sugar to the desired consistency and lightness.
2.Pastry Cream Buttercreams: In its simplest form, is made by mixing together equal parts of thick pastry cream and softened butter.
3.Meringue-type Buttercreams: These are a mixture of butter and meringue, and are very light.
4.French Buttercreams: These are prepared by beating a boiling syrup into beaten eggs and whipping to a light foam. Soft butter is then whipped in, resulting in a very, rich buttercream. Because Buttercreams may be combined with almost any flavor they are very versatile to use on many kinds of cakes and desserts. There are numerous flavorings and once again I will mention some of the most popular;
5.Extracts and essences: (orange, lemon, etc.)
6.Spirits and liqueurs: (kirsch, orange liqueur, rum, brandy)

Rolled Fondant:

Fondant is a sugar syrup that is cooked and crystallized to a smooth, creamy white mass. The fondant can then be rolled out like a pie dough and then draped over the cake. When applied rolled fondant sets up into a smooth surface. The fondant is used to improve keeping qualities by forming a protective coating around such cakes as fruitcake. I use rolled fondant extensively on wedding cakes when the reception is to be held outside. Rolled fondant may be flavored and colored as desired.


Bakers only trade recipes on a "knead-to-know" basis! Haha! Now that I have your attention, check out our wedding cake website today with a wedding cake gallery and more information on your favorite local bakery!

Ahhh summertime! I think we all love a little fun in the sun, but you have to be careful! Don't be the one that gets the...

Ahhh summertime! I think we all love a little fun in the sun, but you have to be careful! Don't be the one that gets the reputation for hosting lame barbecues- back up your claim as grillmaster and lord of the neighborhood by serving Babycakes for dessert! Give us a call to supplement your cake addiction today!


The weather is warming up and so are our ovens! Give us a call today for a beautiful cake to match the beautiful weather!


Don't put yourself through the torment of going through Thanksgiving without a Babycakes creation! No need for tears- your cake salvation is just a phone call away!


Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend! Keep Babycakes in mind this summer for all your cake needs, and don't forget to suggest us to your friends!


Any graduates in the family? Birthdays coming up? Anniversaries? It's that time of year- Babycakes will help you celebrate the right way!


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