InfusionEdibles Energy and High Vibrations, InfusionEdibles is a business that centers on bringing plant medicine into your kitchen.

I make a variety of infused and non infused foods and drinks… join me on my journey ��

Lost In Thought 💭

Lost In Thought 💭


Imagine.. OBSESSING.. WORRIED…Thinking I’m Plotting..But In Reality 😂😂I’m Relaxing Under My Blanket Watching Skits On Tik Tok In MY HOUSE Just Vibing 🤭🤭


People Will Point Fingers At Everyone But Themselves Taking No Accountability For Their Situation & Delusional Enough To Create Chaos Where There Is None STAY FAR AWAY FROM ME WITH THAT WEIRD ISH 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🖐🏾🤌🏾


Imagine 🤔 Thinking ..Lmao 😂 I’m Preying On Your Downfall, Watching Your Every Move But In Reality You Don’t Even Exist To Me 😭😭😭😭


Stressed Tf Out WTF


I Know It’s Rough Out Here But Y’all Gotta Stop Choosing Permanent Decisions For Temporary Situations.. This Too Shall Pass Please Believe That.. I’d Rather You Disturb My Inbox Then Me Being Disturbed By Yet Another Person Gone By They Own Hand..


If You’re Fortunate Enough To Still Have Your Parents Embrace It… This Weekend Makes 27 Years My Dad Been Gone AND 11 Years My Mom Has Been Gone 😔😔😔 These Are Always The Roughest Days Out Of The Year.. Hug 🫂 Your Mom & Dad 💔

Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas with Yellow Rice 🤤🤤🤤 Yes the green are Spinach Basil Tortillas

Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas with Yellow Rice 🤤🤤🤤 Yes the green are Spinach Basil Tortillas

When I Send You This… Just Know They’re 2 Sides To Every Story But Mine Has Receipts

When I Send You This… Just Know They’re 2 Sides To Every Story But Mine Has Receipts


Sometimes You Just Ask Why…

In a vast expanse of existence, we emerge,
Bound by a passion, a flame, an urge.
Questions unfold, potential untold,
Life's meaning elusive, in mysteries it's enrolled.

Eight billion spirits in a cosmic dance,
Are we truly unique, or just a fleeting chance?
In the tapestry of humanity, threads intertwine,
Yet, do we see the commonality, the divine?

Burning with questions, we navigate the sea,
A journey of discovery, what could it be?
Why do we pass the homeless by,
Blind to their struggle, averted eye?

Children, vessels of innocence and grace,
Why bear the weight of a brutal embrace?
Born not from love, but spite's cruel game,
In the shadow of hatred, what is our aim?

A world torn apart by division and strife,
In a landscape where love should be life.
Why harbor hate, let it fester and grow,
When love could be the current that makes us flow?

Eight billion stories, a tapestry of pain,
Yet, in each heart, a longing for gain.
Why do we walk with a heart so cold,
When warmth and compassion could unfold?

In the shadows, wars echo their deadly call,
A world accustomed to watching it all.
Yet, love, faith, and hope persist,
In the hearts that resist, in the souls that insist.

Let us expand the poem, unravel its core,
A journey through emotions, to the heart's very core.
Feel the ache, the longing, the desire,
Ignite the flame, let emotions transpire.

The homeless, silent voices in the night,
Their struggles unheard, out of sight.
Feel the pain, the cold, the hunger,
A symphony of suffering, each note stronger.

Children, innocents, their laughter replaced,
By echoes of abuse, in a world misplaced.
Feel the weight, the burden they bear,
In a world where love seems rare.

A kaleidoscope of humanity, colors so bright,
Yet, blinded we are by division's harsh light.
Feel the ache of a fractured unity,
In a world that could be one, in perfect harmony.

Why does spite dictate the course we chart,
In matters of the soul, tearing us apart?
Feel the bitterness, the anger, the strife,
In the tumultuous journey of human life.

Wars, like thunder, roar through the land,
Feel the tremors, the chaos, the sand.
In the midst of destruction, find the cries,
A symphony of despair, under darkened skies.

Love, faith, and hope, fragile yet strong,
Feel their power, like a timeless song.
In the face of adversity, they endure,
A sanctuary of light, serene and pure.

So as the poem unfolds, a tapestry so wide,
A canvas of emotions, where tears do hide.
In a world of questions, let emotions bloom,
In the vast expanse of our shared room.

-Shadow 🖤🔥

Love Your Fellow Travelers 🧳 On This Journey We Call Life

When I Send You This… Just Know I Got Over 30 Years Of Information… An 163 I.Q … And Time Today 🫖🫖🫖🍵🍵🍵

When I Send You This… Just Know I Got Over 30 Years Of Information… An 163 I.Q … And Time Today 🫖🫖🫖🍵🍵🍵

🤣🤣 When I send You This … Just Know Everyone Gonna Know What You Did Last Summer 😭😭💀

🤣🤣 When I send You This … Just Know Everyone Gonna Know What You Did Last Summer 😭😭💀


In the silent echoes of parental loss,
Devastation's weight, an endless cross.
Growing amidst their fading breath,
Life's cruel twist, a dance with death.

My mother's heart, a sacrificial flame,
Love for all, a consuming game.
Yet, in that love, her own demise,
Congestive whispers, silent cries.

Father, enraptured by life's sweet embrace,
Indulgence the downfall, a bitter trace.
Experiences devoured, a soul's decay,
Taken too soon, in the shadows' sway.

Childhood's laughter drowned in sorrow,
Doctor and parent, a role to borrow.
Siblings bound in a web of abuse,
The family's curse, a tightening noose.

Sole provider in a stormy sea,
Abandoned by kin, a harsh decree.
Life's struggles etched on every line,
A symphony of pain, a soul's decline.

Feel the weight, the agony, the strife,
A journey marked by pain, not just life.
Wounds that bleed, scars that ache,
In this emotional abyss, hearts break.

-Shadow 🖤🔥

The Pain of Losing Your Parents


Without You

In shadows cast by fate's cruel hand,
The pain of loss, a heavy brand.
A parent's absence, a devastating blow,
Yet losing both, a deeper woe.

As life unfolded, I was growing,
Yet, in their fading, I was unknowing.
A paradox of time, as they were dying,
While I was striving, soul was sighing.

My mother's heart, a grand expanse,
Loving all, yet caught in life's cruel dance.
A beating drum, both kind and killer,
Congestive whispers, a breath-stealing thriller.

My father, a lover of life's sweet taste,
Indulgence his downfall, a bitter waste.
Experiences adorned his fleeting breath,
Taken too soon, before a full life's depth.

Childhood's play exchanged for a heavy role,
A doctor and parent, an all-encompassing toll.
Siblings by my side, a family bound,
In the echoes of abuse, our spirits found.

Provider sole in a tumultuous sea,
Abandoned by kin, yet forging destiny.
Life's struggles etched upon my face,
A journey marked by love and grace.

In the symphony of loss, emotions swell,
A tale of endurance, where shadows dwell.
The wounds run deep, the scars unseen,
Yet within the pain, resilience serene.

-Shadow 🖤🔥

Dad - 1/21/97
Mom - 1/19/13

January is always a difficult month…
If you still have your parents hug them tight.. let them know you love them.. have that conversation.. make that phone 📱 call cause one day. … 🥺🥺🥺


New Year’s Reso-lie-tions

In the echo of the new year's dawn,
Whispers linger, a promise drawn.
"New year, new me," they proclaim,
Yet, what does it truly frame?

A chorus of vows, a familiar song,
A dance with change, not too long.
For how steadfast is this "new you,"
What depths of change will you pursue?

Year after year, a pledge anew,
Yet, within these words, is it true?
A cascade of promises, like a fleeting tide,
In the end, how much will abide?

Cutting ties, a recurring theme,
But ponder, is it as it may seem?
Ten years of partings, a repetitive shore,
Could the truth be knocking at your door?

Routine persists, yet you declare,
A "new you" floats in the air.
In the dance of habit, a subtle sway,
What truly changes in the light of day?

So, as the calendar pages unfurl,
Reflect upon this annual swirl.
New year, new you, the mantra chimes,
But in the symphony, find your rhymes.

-Shadow 🖤🔥

You Don’t Have To Wait For The New Year To Make Necessary Changes..

Seeking Truth ..-Shadow 🖤🔥E Book 📖 Dropping Soon .. Stay Tuned

Seeking Truth ..

-Shadow 🖤🔥

E Book 📖 Dropping Soon .. Stay Tuned



E Book 📖 Dropping Soon 🖤🔥-Shadow 🖤🔥🫶🏾

E Book 📖 Dropping Soon 🖤🔥

-Shadow 🖤🔥🫶🏾


Y’all Need To Use That “oh she didn’t” Energy And Make Sure The Rest Of The Kids/Families In Need Get The Resources They Require Cause It’s A lot Of Them or Yall Need Money To Do The Right Thing ? Maybe a Celebrity Appearance?


The More Posts I See The More I Realize Why Some Of You Are In The Place You Are In Life.. Just Followers No Independent Thoughts At All.. Sheep 🐑


Being StarStruck Over A Celebrity That Doesn’t Even Know You Exist Is Insane.. But Being Mad Cause It’s About The Money Is Even Wilder. Y’all Don’t Even Care About The Kids Fr 🤦🏽‍♀️


Yeah, y’all didn’t know she was coming to this town because yall not a part of the organization that paid her to come. That’s why it’s a closed event you were never meant to know.  like I said before it’s always about the money. 

For real like … HOW ???-Shadow 🖤🔥🫶🏾

For real like … HOW ???

-Shadow 🖤🔥🫶🏾


Triple Chocolate Caramel Brownies With Toffee Pieces 🤤🤤🤤 Join Us Toasted 6pm-9pm




So My Main Page Got Hit With A Violation For Telling Ppl To Come To Toasted 🙄🙄🙄🙄



New York
New York, NY



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