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Kiarah's Leaven Heaven Bread shows community and love! At Kiarah's Leaven Heaven we try to share that love with our local c Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you sell at the market?

We specialize always have our orginal sourdough loaves. We also sell a variety of sourdough with different add-ins such as garlic or cinnamon raisin sourdough. Sometimes, we will post what flavor we will bring that week. Come to the market and see what we have, you never know what you can find! When are you at the market? Unfortunately, we are not always at the market. However, if you check our ev

ents or our post about market dates you can view all of the dates we are at at the market. Thankfully, sourdough freezes exceptionally well, make sure to stock up so you can have enough bread to satisfy all of your bread desires! Are all of your products homemade? Yes! All of our breads are locally made with fresh ingredients. Additionally, all of our bread is made by hand, fresh and ready for your enjoyment. Do you have your own soursough starter? We continue to reguarly maintian our very own sourdough starter. Hopefully in the future we will be able to share this starter with bakers seeking to make their own sourdough! Does your sourdough starter contain yeast? No, our sourdough and sourdough starter is fermented by the bacteria in the air. Unlike store bought sourdough, ours is made how they did centuries ago, with just flour, water and salt. This is what is makes it so unique. Our authetic sourdough breads do not contain any yeast and have just enough tang to make a delicious sourdough loaf. What if I don't want to come to the farmers market, do you deliver? Unfortunately, this summer our bread is only avaible on select dates at the farmers market. However, don't despair! We may have delivery options this winter, just continue to check our page for any updates on this matter. Can I pre-order my bread? If you would like to pre-order your bread, just contact us through messenger or email us at [email protected]. You can order whichever bread you would like based on what we would we are bringing that specific week. This is completely free of charge to you and is perfect if you are worried about us selling out or you would like to avoid any line or wait. Just contact us and we will send you a invoice for your bill. After it is paid we will make a special order just for you, ready for pickup on whatever market day you would like! On the day of pickup, just come in and give us your name and a way to verify yourself (last 4 digits of your phone number) and you can be on your way with delicious homemade breads! Does sourdough really freeze? We offer special deals for buying more sourdough. Additonally, our sourdough loaves are a generous size. If you are worried about cosuming all the bread in a set amount of day, just freeze your bread! You can either put the whole loaf in the freezer or cut it and pop it in the freezer. Once you are ready to eat it just take out your loaf and cook it in the oven for about 15 - 20 mins or toast a frozen slice and enjoy! If you have any questions about this feel free to message us or ask in person. We are happy to help! How can I support your small bussiness? We appreciate all help to support our small growing bussiness. If you would like to make a donation feel free to give it to us in person. However, no one is obligated to donate to us and we appreciate all of your loving bussiness! If you have any additional questions we would be happy to answer them! Contact us at [email protected].


Hi guys! Unfortunately, this past market day was our last day at Kingsport due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we will be moving and hope to start selling at the market in Norton. We understand this is not local for most of our customers, so we will sadly lose many loved customers. We just wanted to say thanks for all of your support. If you know anyone in the Norton/Wise area please share to them our page in hopes of gaining more support in our new endeavors! Also, if you have enjoyed our bread please help us by leaving a review. Again, thank you guys, for all the support for these past years. I hope we have many more bread-baking days to come!


We sold out!!!!! Thanks for all the support. If you enjoyed the bread don't forget to leave a review 😊 See you guys on the 31st!

We're back! We are going to be coming to the Kingsport Farmers Market for a few dates in May. One of them is this coming...

We're back! We are going to be coming to the Kingsport Farmers Market for a few dates in May. One of them is this coming Wednesday! Come to the market to pick up some fresh sourdough bread. We also are bringing garlic cheese so make sure you stop by to have some ready for spaghetti night! Be there tomorrow from 7 to 1 or sell out. Don't miss out because we might not be back for a few weeks. See you there!


Kingsport, TN



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