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Val’s Cheesecakes Cheesecakery specializing in cheesecake jars, slices and whole cheesecakes. Voted Best Cheesecake in Dallas!

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Vendor Spotlight: @lanilove_glutenfreebreads (4 of 5 vendors)👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!Vendor Spotlight: The Story of ...

Vendor Spotlight: @lanilove_glutenfreebreads (4 of 5 vendors)👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!

Vendor Spotlight: The Story of @lanilove_glutenfreebreads

🌺 We discovered our daughter Malialani suffered from Celiac Disease when she was just 4 years old and we were living on the mainland. 

🌺 1% of the population has Celiac Disease and another 30% live a gluten-free lifestyle. 

🌺 We relocated to the north shore of Oahu a couple years later and were unable to find any baked goods for a young child to enjoy like her friends, other than bland and dry "cardboard" like breads. 

🌺 Inspired, I began to bake for my daughter and my family loved it! I decided to try selling at a local farmer's market, not knowing if anyone would be interested in what I was doing.  

🌺 Choosing a name for my new enterprise that was a combination of my daughter's name "Lani" and my "Love" for her and now for baking; LaniLove was born. 

🌺 Since we are choosing our own ingredients, we source only the very best - all LaniLove Gluten-Free Baked Goods are 90-95% organic, contain local ingredients, vegan options and no artificial colors.

🌺 It is a true love story and we hope you grow to love us one big Texas bite at a time!

Come see us at the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Market starting on April 9th...Your weekend mood will never be the same!

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Vendor Spotlight: @girlwithflour (3 of 5 vendors)👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!Vendor Spotlight: I never intended to be a ...

Vendor Spotlight: @girlwithflour (3 of 5 vendors)👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!

Vendor Spotlight: I never intended to be a baker. I’ve been a pre-med student and an investment banker. I’ve worked in a retail store and officed at a DC trade association. I’ve taught barre classes. All the while, I’ve baked and made mistakes, and then baked some more. Friends and family were stuffed and could eat no more.

Some of my strongest memories from childhood were of food. I remember kneading dough and steaming bao with my mother. Trips to Chinatown for groceries would include a visit to the local Asian bakery where my favorites were a layered chiffon cake with fresh fruit encased in gelatin and an Asian version of millefeuille.

Food was nourishment both for body and soul, and very connected to my cultural identity.

I started Girl with Flour in February 2020, listing eight loaves of focaccia in my first menu. A month later, the world shut down and I found myself delivering crusty sourdough, sweet and savory pastries, and those fluffy focaccia loaves week after week to people who looked forward to these bundles of comfort at their doorstep.

That July, Dylan joined me and we began to ramp up production to meet the greater demand. He also bought me a dough sheeter that Christmas, and we added viennoiserie to our repertoire in 2021. Croissants quickly became some of our most popular items.

I love the combination of creativity and discipline required by baking. There are rules, ratios, and measurements that must be followed, but beyond that, there is freedom to explore flavor combinations and experiment with techniques. When you bite into one of our products, we want you to experience the things that inspire us. We want you to taste the care and intention that goes into our food.

Ultimately, our food has to nourish you and we want it to taste f*ing amazing.

Come see us at the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Market starting on April 9th...Your weekend mood will never be the same!

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#dallas #dallasfood #dallaseats #local #local4local #cheesecake #cheesecakes #dallasdessert #dallasdesserts

Changing the narrative - Just a reminder, we will be closed for TEAM SPRING BREAK on:🌺 Saturday, March 12th, 🌺 Sunday, M...

Changing the narrative - Just a reminder, we will be closed for TEAM SPRING BREAK on:

🌺 Saturday, March 12th,
🌺 Sunday, March 13th,
🌺 Monday, March 14th, and
🌺 Tuesday, March 15th

Love, Grace, Dignity, and Respect,

#foodie #nomnom #food #dfw #dfweats #bigd #dallasfoodie #dessert #valscheesecakes
#dallas #dallasfood #dallaseats #local #local4local #sweetdisposition #cheesecake #cheesecakes #dallasdessert #dallasdesserts

Vendor Spotlight: @great_galettes (2 of 5 vendors)👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!Vendor Spotlight: Great Galettes Crepes & ...

Vendor Spotlight: @great_galettes (2 of 5 vendors)👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!

Vendor Spotlight: Great Galettes Crepes & Catering is a crepe-centric local business that offers a Parisian street style  food experience.

My name Karl Shewry and I am the Chef/Owner of Great Galettes. I took over Oak Cliff Creperie about 3 years ago, and rebranded it as Great Galettes. I strive to provide a delicious and fun experience for all my clients.

I’m a self-taught Chef who learned about food and cooking from my Mama Nonie, and hundreds of cookbooks and thousands of hours of cooking shows.  After a varied educational and work life, including a B.A. from Austin College, several years managing record shops and bookstores, in 2005, I was offered a truly special opportunity at a steakhouse in Tennessee. After a 10 year career as a Chef and caterer, I was hired to help open Whisk Crepes Cafe in West Dallas. The owner, Julien Eelsen, was a great teacher and mentor. He inspired my love for crepe making and the foods of Brittany.

My emphasis with Great Galettes has always been delicious and healthy food, particularly the unique benefits of buckwheat. Our buckwheat galettes are gluten-free and vegan, and are a wonderful savory component for many styles of cuisine. I have also introduced a buckwheat sweet batter, which is also gluten-free and vegan. I have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and radically changed my diet, fully embracing the plant-based lifestyle. While still offering an omnivorous menu, I will be developing new and flavorful vegan options for my customers.

Myself and my crew at Great Galettes, look forward to sunny mornings and creating smiles with our food.

Come see us at the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Market starting on March 19th...Your weekend mood will never be the same!

#foodie #nomnom #food #dfw #dfweats #bigd #dallasfoodie #dessert #valscheesecakes
#dallas #dallasfood #dallaseats #local #local4local #sweetdisposition #cheesecake #cheesecakes #dallasdessert #dallasdesserts

Our business has to adapt to a changed workforce, a changed world, a changed team, a changed business owner, and changed...

Our business has to adapt to a changed workforce, a changed world, a changed team, a changed business owner, and changed supply chains.

One way to adapt is to dissect and discern within your balance sheet, your profit and loss statement, and POS statements, indicators of how revenue and expenses are tied to moods, feelings, and character.

I know...How does one see feelings out of numbers? Well, here is one example >>>With the help of a cup of coffee and patience or with your accountant/bookkeeper, you might notice some serious trends with high expenses and/or losses with one ingredient. Once you identify these specific trends, the game is to:
🌺 Tie them to how your menu and passion is built around these trends
🌺 Identify who within your team is connected to these trends for a teachable moment
🌺 Research when and where these expenses/losses are happening during the preparation
🌺 Look for alternatives and solutions without compromising integrity
🌺 Connect customers' reactions and feelings to these trends
🌺...And most importantly, ask yourself how you contributed to these trends

It's a not an easy task but with discipline and a little guidance if needed, you will unlock doors within your business for sure.

I want to take this time to thank Adrian from @zalatpizza for a little guidance, as well as @consulttogrow for a disciplined look at our numbers and Cindy Hawkins from
@PadgetBizDallas (Padgett Business Services) for doing the hard work of always telling us the truth!

Again, the world is changing and we must change with it!

Love, Grace, Dignity, and Respect

#foodie #nomnom #food #dfw #dfweats #bigd #dallasfoodie #dessert #valscheesecakes
#dallas #dallasfood #dallaseats #local #local4local #sweetdisposition #cheesecake #cheesecakes #dallasdessert #dallasdesserts

Vendor Spotlight: @bloomaroundbydj 👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!-Vendor Spotlight: Bloom-A-Round Floral Design is the loc...

Vendor Spotlight: @bloomaroundbydj 👉🏾 @lg_neighborhoodmarket!!!
Vendor Spotlight: Bloom-A-Round Floral Design is the local neighborhood flower shop of Flower Mound, Texas owned and operated by best friends, Fia Allen-Cole & Lashune Edmond @bloomaroundbydj.

We bonded through our love for flowers and the need for an outlet while experiencing anxiety & depression during the global pandemic. Our fun hobby quickly evolved into a successful pop-up shop style floral design business, humbly operated out of Fia’s garage.

In April 2021, we were approached by the former owner of Bloom-A-Round who found us on social media and fell in love with our style. She was looking to sell and thought that we would be the perfect fit! After lots of planning, negotiating, blood, sweat & tears, our wildest dream came true! We bought a flower shop!!!

Floral design has afforded us the opportunity to keep people connected during such a difficult time while also being able to reap all of the ways that fresh cut flowers benefit our mental health and overall mood.

Our speciality is serving clients who enjoy the intimacy of micro-events along with the luxurious appeal of sophisticated floral design, or the savvy gift giver who understands that one of the best ways to express emotions is through a stunning arrangement from Bloom-A-Round Floral Design!

Come see us at the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Market starting on March 19th...Your weekend mood will never be the same!

#foodie #nomnom #food #dfw #dfweats #bigd #dallasfoodie #dessert #valscheesecakes
#dallas #dallasfood #dallaseats #local #local4local #sweetdisposition #cheesecake #cheesecakes #dallasdessert #dallasdesserts

Community is about creating and holding space for others too AND:🌺 Having honest conversations with each other...🌺 Suppo...

Community is about creating and holding space for others too AND:

🌺 Having honest conversations with each other...

🌺 Supporting each other not just with words and prayers but also by concrete, and visible means and methods.

🌺 Bringing awareness to challenges...

🌺 Holding others accountable constructively

🌺 Being strong enough to say "yes" sometimes and even say "no" sometimes

🌺 Recognizing we are in this together and not just by oneself

🌺 Lifting others however you can...Even a smile can do wonders!

With these words, we cordially announce the makings of the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Market with our partners: @great_galettes , @lanilove_glutenfreebreads , @girlwithflour , @bloomaroundbydj , and @berkshire_farms_winery. Details for dates and times coming Monday!!!

Love, Grace, Dignity and Respect for us all,

#foodie #nomnom #food #dfw #dfweats #bigd #dallasfoodie #dessert #valscheesecakes
#dallas #dallasfood #dallaseats #local #local4local #sweetdisposition #cheesecake #cheesecakes #dallasdessert #dallasdesserts

You probably have seen or noticed a statement from me, Val, that goes like this: “ The world is changing and we must cha...

You probably have seen or noticed a statement from me, Val, that goes like this: “ The world is changing and we must change with it!”

As a business owner, I strongly believe the past two years have shown us opportunities to improve the conditions of service industry workers, change the narrative about what it is to own, operate and maintain a food establishment, and to challenge the way we provide services as well as how they are accepted by the general public.

I have had my days where frustrations got the best of me as an owner of a food establishment and there will be other days like that for sure. The changing workforce, the supply chain issues, COVID, and the ON DEMAND way of life are all factors contributing to difficult days for many, for friends, for colleagues, for other business owners, and honestly for us all.

I am so inspired by the hard work of many in the service industry, including my own team members, as well as colleagues and friends who continue to live their passions but specifically also for those who decided to change their courses and leave the industry. YOU DID NOT QUIT! You saw the changes needed in your life and you turn those changes into a reality! YOU CHANGED THE NARRATIVE and that is pure success causing me to be in total admiration of you!

With these daily and true inspirations, Val’s Cheesecakes is implementing several changes to support even greater quality of life for team members, raise awareness about how conventional operation and maintenance needs to change, and most importantly influence the general public’s acquisition and understanding of good and services.

Again, the world is changing and we must change with it.



#foodie #nomnom #food #dfw #dfweats #bigd #dallasfoodie #dessert #valscheesecakes
#dallas #dallasfood #dallaseats #local #local4local #sweetdisposition #cheesecake #cheesecakes #dallasdessert #dallasdesserts


2820 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX

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Monday 12pm - 9pm
Tuesday 12pm - 9pm
Wednesday 12pm - 9pm
Thursday 12pm - 9pm
Friday 12pm - 9pm
Saturday 12pm - 9pm
Sunday 12pm - 9pm


(469) 776-8044


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Because of Mom...

Meet Val

In June of 2008, My mom came to visit me for a couple of weeks and during her stay I noticed her breathing was not quite right as she took more time to climb a small number of stairs. Upon taking her to the hospital, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Breast Cancer and given 6 months to live.

Through me being with her at doctor’s visits, my mother was only made aware that she had a chronic cancer disease that she had to get continuous treatment for and I made sure that she never heard the word “terminal”. By my mother not hearing the word “terminal” and the help of modern medicine right here in Dallas, and the care I provided to her, my mom lived past 4 years which fortunately went against the initial prognosis.

Each Sunday, during those 4 years, was a ritual for us to bake and try desserts. She would finish her desserts sometimes before touching her main course I would fix for her. She would stay at the house and we’d spend the whole week discussing what kind of cake we were going to bake. That went on for four years through countless cheesecake batters until her passing in August of 2012.

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It’s time for round 3 Chef Introductions. First up is Kelly Ball, the chef and owner of Leila Bakery & Cafe. For this Chef Kelly, “Family means being surrounded by love—whether it’s traditional family like your mother, father, spouse and children or friends and even your dogs. My family is my partner, Nikola; the memory of our beloved dog, Abner; and our two dogs, Tinkerbelle and Gus.” We can’t wait to try out her Apple Cinnamon Scone recipe! Next up is Mark Guatelara of Ober Here. You can find him cruising around in his food truck throughout Fort Worth You’ll want to try out Chef Mark’s Lumpia (Filipino Egg Rolls) recipe at your next gathering. He shared, “This egg roll is what brings our family together and is now what is bringing our local community in Fort Worth together.” Finally, we have Val Jean-Bart, the cheesecake master himself. If you haven’t tried one of Val’s Cheesecakes, you are missing out. And you will want to immediately try your hand at his Berry Oreo Cheesecake. The inspiration behind his cheesecakes comes from his mom. “In 2008, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal breast cancer. Until her passing in 2012, each Sunday we had a ritual: to bake desserts. We’d spend the whole week discussing what kind of cake we would be trying. After her passing, I decided to start a business selling our cheesecakes…This recipe and this story are daily tributes to my mom, Marie Jose Labossiere, who was a phenomenal, strong and smart business woman. I hope to be at least half of what this woman meant to me in terms of perseverance, guts and sweet disposition.” Be sure to preorder your cookbook
Val, I nominated you for the #ColbertSmallBizBump!
Val’s Cheesecakes are LEGENDARY! After grabbing dinner, or lunch, at one of the Crockett Hall restaurants, it's a must to have a sweet bit from the delectable menu at Val's. We promise you won't regret it!
#TakeoutTuesday in Dallas is getting ramped up again thanks to Val’s Cheesecakes and local bloggers like Dallasites101, Leisurely Leah & more. We are thrilled to participate this Tuesday as they're featuring #LowerGreenville & #LowestGreenville. GAPCo is offering a 12", two-topping pizza for $15! *Greenville location only. Tuesday 8/4/2020*
Thank you Val's best customer service and very good cheesecake. Came for the vegan cheesecake for my husbands birthday. My favorite was "Bae bae!"
This weekend's festivities might give you the munchies... The solution? We recommend ordering take-out from these local Black-owned businesses! Belzoni's Catfish Cafe Berry Best BBQ Bigboyz Pit Smoked BBQ Black Coffee Carpenter’s Cafe & Catering Chef Ches' Kitchen Express Chef Point Bar & Restaurant Chuck’s Cajun Cuisine Cinnaholic Compatible Delights Daiquiri Stop Damian's Cajun Soul Cafe Dough Boy Donuts Drew's Place Elaine's Jamaican Kitchen Jamaica Gates Caribbean Cuisine Jube's Smokehouse Krab Kingz Ft. Worth Restaurant Loft22 Cakes Lyzette's Catering Madea's Down Home Cookin' Mama E's,BBQ & Homecooking Nana's Kitchen Off The Bone BBQ, Inc. Ooowwweee Wangz n Catfish Ri's Treats Rosako's Soul Food & BBQ Rudy's Chicken Samson's Market and Bistro Sims Kinfolk BBQ Sinsational Cakes by YaYa Smoke-A-Holics BBq Stormie Monday's Soulfood Sweet Georgia Brown: Soul Food Eatn!! The Boardroom Whisky and Cigar Lounge The Cotton Kandy Factory The Sausage Shoppe Two Sister's Val’s Cheesecakes
Recipes, vibes and story of Val’s Cheesecakes gives nod to Val's mother Marie Jose Labossiere, a phenomenal, strong and smart business woman. They're currently accepting donations to distribute to multiple organizations to further the change for racial justice. Val's is a staple in the Dallas community. #BlackOwnedBusiness #Foodie #MonarchMagazine
Are you sitting in the house like me and eating all the snacks? I have great news! You can still satisfy your sweet tooth and support a local business. Val’s Cheesecakes still offers to-go and delivery options. #tagandshare #stillopenforbusiness #dessert #cheesecake #smallbusiness #covid19
I had a piece of banana pudding cheesecake on Saturday. Game changer.
OMG Hmmmm Hmmmm Cheesecake!
Very upset The location closed on a day it says they are open. If you guys have updated ur time you need to update customers.