Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc.

Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. We manufacture exceptional dog treats using organic and natural ingredients. We cater to dogs with food allergies and digestion problems. We have wheat, corn, and soy free treats as well as gluten-free treats.

We make eight flavors of treats that are organic and natural. One are gluten free, three are wheat, corn, soy free and one is wheat, corn, soy and egg free. Organic whole wheat flour is used in the others. We specailize in helping pet owners find specific treats for their pets that have digestion or allergy problems.

Operating as usual


We've added another Whole Foods Market to our list. It's ASHEVILLE (Greenlife Grocery). Greensboro's Whole Foods Market will be added soon. You can now get your Tippy's Treats across the state.


Beginning June 1 2014, the bakery will close on Saturdays. After 10 years we are looking forward to taking Saturdays back for ourselves. I can make concessions to stay later in the evenings during the week to meet your needs. Also, come by the bakery early in the morning.


IT'S VACATION TIME AT THE BAKERY. Coastal K-9 Bakery will be closed March 11, 2014 thru March 25, 2014, and to help you, we will be open March 13, 2014, March 17, 2014, and March 20, 2014.


It's Valentine time at Coastal K-9 Bakery. Come and see all we have for the love of your life. Baked with organic and natural ingredients. Each treat is wheat, corn, soy free.


We've launched our new webiste Take a look. We now have an online store that showcases all our treats so you can order everything from the website. Hip.. Hip.. Hooray !!!

Two of our Yappy Howl-oween Birthday Cakes.  We customize cakes and treats for you.

Two of our Yappy Howl-oween Birthday Cakes. We customize cakes and treats for you.


We need more photos of your dog sleeping in his favorite /craziest position. Bring the photo to Coastal K-9 Bakery. Last day for entries is Aug. 13. Followed by judging and announcement of winners will be during Yappy Hour, Sat. Aug. 25. See the poster below.

In light of the all the recent dog food recalls, Coastal K-9 Bakery offers Natura dog food (Innova, EVO, California Natu...
Natura - See Beyond the Bag

In light of the all the recent dog food recalls, Coastal K-9 Bakery offers Natura dog food (Innova, EVO, California Natural) that has NEVER had a recall on ANY of its foods. For ingredient information go to:, click on a dog food, click on the ingredient and you will see a map of the USA and the state where it is sourced. You can be assured we carry foods that are safe.

Customer Service: 800-532-7261. For general inquiries, technical service questions and retailer information, feel free to call us between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (CT).Contact Us © 2012 Natura Pet Products, Inc.


All of us at Coastal K-9 Bakerky wish each of you a wonderful 2012 and a properous New Year. We thank each of you for you dedication and enjoymnet of the bakery. We will be announcing a new flavor very soon.


Wilmington, NC

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm


(910) 794-4014


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We had so much fun with all your amazing fur babies today! We have a few to thank for wonderful day!! Our amazing staff member Courtney for setting up this entire day! Another amazing staff member Alix for keeping up with us and helping so much! Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. for the holiday cookies! Former staff member Keaton did our card artwork! And our manager Christina for taking the portraits (Christina Jean Photography)! And most of all, thank you to you all that shared your furbabies with us! Costume pictures will be uploaded to instagram for voting soon!!
🎈 Happy Birthday Truman 🎈 Bella, Greta, Truman They’re really quite the trio He’s the best big brother His sisters want no other Lounging in the sun Taking a little nap While his sisters play and run Or sit in someone’s lap He loves phish the band Just like his dad Other musics bland But phish is pretty rad When not with PB friends Like his good friend Ryan He hoping for a win As he’s cheering on the giants On his birthday he came to play He was in for quite a treat And we wish that he could stay More cake we’d let him eat That’s all we have to say So go enjoy your day We’ll be over the moon When we see you again soon 🐾💜🤩🥳🎉🎈 Thank you Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. for the pup cake!
🎊 Happy birthday PBR You’re truly number one Today is your day to laze away On a bunkbed in the sun What better gift could a pupper get Than a sibling to share in play So bring little Kona and teach her how You’re a good boy every day A patient big brother A goofy hound There’s no better pup To hang around A tall frosty cold one Your cup overflows A small glass for Kona At least til she grows These birthday beer pups They know how we do Love fiercely on dog friends Enjoy a good brew Happy birthday Pabst From PB pack and crew Cheers to celebrating Another year with you🎊 Shout out to Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. for the yummy cake!! 🎂 🐾
🎉Happy Birthday Cooper You’re celebrating 8 And any day with you Is simply truly great You love your human fiercely Always meeting eyes And anywhere she goes In her shadow you will lie The loyalty you show It’s bigger than the world All you want to celebrate Is the bond made with your girl But celebrate we will Cooper, it’s your day Enjoy your cake and treats And your time here at play🎉 Happy Birthday Cooper! 🐾🥳💜 Special thanks to Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. for providing the yummy cake!
🎉Move over, Mr. Seinfeld Back up now, Hollywood There’s only one boy Jerry Who rules this neighborhood He’d own that Springer set Knows order and the law But he’s the only Jerry That will greet you with a paw So quiet down Garcia, This isn’t Shakedown Street This is for our birthday boy A friend to all he meets Happy Birthday Jerry Who’s certainly not plain We celebrate with you today Our happy smiley Dane🎉 Special thanks to Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. for providing the yummy cake!
🎉Lounge in a bunk or by the side of the pool A tower of ice, Nuka sure keeps it cool Pointed black ears, he’s quick on his feet Wiggles his butt every new dog he meets This husky boy, he always rules the turf Faster than most dogs for what it’s worth Intelligent, agile, super outgoing Nuka’s yard fan club, it’s ever-growing Happy Birthday good boy, have the best day We’re always so glad when you come to play And when the days over, relax in your way Inhale, exhale, and know that you slay🎉 Pupper pastries provided by Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. 🎂 Follow their satiating stories 👀 📸
🎉We always heard there was a rainbow But on the other side Who knew there’d be a red merle Aussie, Riley B’s new sister did reside The pandemic year seemed right To grow this family tree With never knowing just how strong This new bond, it would be So Happy Birthday Marley The girl who is always playing hard It’s been a joyous year Watching you grow up on the yard We think you hit the jackpot: A perfect sister and moms with whom to play And what could make life better? There’s another on the way! And when you’re the big sister Just remember it’s your turn To show them love and patience Along with everything you’ve learned. 🎉 🐾❤️💛💚💙💜🐾 Furbulous cake provided by Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. 🎂
🎉In you’re out and about and You’re doing downtown You might just run into Henry the hound He’s spotted and loving The best snuggler yet Not many requests He just wants your pets And he’s got a great best friend Named Danny, you’ll find They’re meant for each other They’re one of a kind Happy Birthday, dear Henry We’re so glad you’re here To celebrate your day And spread puppy cheer🎉 Furbulous cakes provided by Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc.
Happy Birthday Gertie On your extra special day We hope you had a blast During yard time doggy play You can chase those lizards Or catch flies along the fence You always know when critters move With your GSP spidey sense And sometimes she stares off Lost in thought and into space And sometimes she jumps up To give you kisses on your face Either way you cut it she’s a Gorgeous petite girl And deserves everything her heart desires In her doggy daycare world 🥳🐾🎂🍭💚🥳 Scrumdiddlyumtious cakes provided by Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc.
🎉Happy birthday Charlie On this extra special date Mama’s getting married Oh, it must be fate First she found her pupper And then she found her man One big happy family Was always in the plans And when we see that Jeep With that happy smiling boy You can see it in their eyes That they bring each other joy So today’s the day you go From one to two to three Forever filled with love This date will always be!🎉 💗🐾🥳💍👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️🎂🐾💗 Cake provided by Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. Follow their yummy stories 🧁🎂
🎉 A rescue dog’s birthday This wish I can think of One freedom ride and A human love A build up of trust and A bond you can’t break Patience and learning You weren’t a mistake And now here you are A bridge to what’s next One great foster sister A step to the best Today you help others Find their way home No longer on roam And no longer alone. No birthday gift Could ever compare To your perfect smile Or the love that you share. So be the best sister Your mission won’t stop Keep barking on “Adopt and don’t shop”🎉 Cool confectionaries by Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. 🎂🦴🧁🐾🎂
At minus one leg, you might think she’d fall But matter of fact, she can outrun them all Quick and agile she’s pure energy And known for much more than her legs of three One lucky dog the moment mom picked her Mom one-upped herself and made her a sister A new puppy brother to love and adore Somehow this life’s even better than before Best buds for life, and have each other’s back They’re each other’s alpha, and each other’s pack Loyal and loving, they’ll trade treat for trick Our dynamic duo, it’s Luci and Ric! And Ric, what a life you have come to know A big comfy bed and places to go This rescue dog’s big dreams have come true Surrounded by love, possibilities new So what’s in a birthday, does it define souls? Or is it the date that our hearts become whole? Ric you completed this family so great So we’ll share in the groove and we’ll all celebrate! 🎉🎂💗🐾🐕🎁🦴🎉💗🐾🎉 Special thanks to Coastal K-9 Bakery, Inc. 🎂🎂🎂