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Cristy's Kitchen Gluten and dairy free. Organic and nutritious food made with love. We are a family business that was born from the needs of our children.

We have 5 girls, one of them with gluten intolerance, and the others with different health conditions that made us rethink how we could improve the health of our daughters without a medication pump. Along the way, we learned that, like us, there are many families in similar circumstances, with different diagnoses or simply in search of disease prevention and better health through food.

​This is h

ow Huh was born! A Viking chant of war that gives us the strength to fight against any diagnosis and to help us to lead a healthier life.

​Our mission: to give our customers sinfully exquisite gluten & dairy free products, but at the same time nutritious and full of good things that contribute to their health.

​Because we firmly believe that food plays a decisive role in our body, we believe that through it, we can prevent many diseases, and that food restrictions are not a problem, rather an opportunity to give our body better nutrients and have a balanced lifestyle. We invite you to be part of our family and to check that healthy can be delicious and make you feel good. Our Philosophy

For us, food is life, and we want to share what we learned in our kitchen: there is nothing more important than ingredients or more delicious than being healthy.

​Therefore, in addition to offering gluten & dairy free products, we include organic and nutritious ingredients that have been chosen to achieve the balance that the body needs.

​Everything we prepare by hand because our proposal is also a sign of love: we want to eat good to be healthy.

🎃 Pumpkin season is here!  🍂Find these delicious recipes in my cookbook. ➡️ Order a signed copy on my website. Link in b...

🎃 Pumpkin season is here! 🍂Find these delicious recipes in my cookbook.

➡️ Order a signed copy on my website. Link in bio.

💚 Remember, everything I prepare is gluten, dairy free and nourishing.

💚 From the day we arrived, my daughters always helped us a lot, we were always a family team and in the bakery they also...

💚 From the day we arrived, my daughters always helped us a lot, we were always a family team and in the bakery they also played important roles.
Julieta was almost 11 years old when we arrived, and at her young age she not only knew how to make sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and nut milks, but she also really enjoyed being a waitress, washing dishes, and sharing the daily work with us.
There was a time when my husband and I felt very guilty for putting our daughters through those hard times, but I think those times of sacrifice, those responsibilities made them who they are today.
Julieta has matured a lot, her heart has blossomed full of virtues and love, and I could not be more proud of the person she has become.
Today she doesn't make sandwiches or pizzas in the bakery, but we continue working as a team, and I am very proud to show you the new Cristy's Kitchen logo, made by my talented daughter.
As you know, she did the illustrations for my cookbook, and art is something that she has imprinted in her soul, her greatest passion and one of her many talents.
This new logo means a lot to us as a family, I hope it is the beginning of a new stage, a new chapter in our lives, it is a symbol of renewal, of growth, and I am very excited to start new adventures with my family. 💚


Shop with me! Tell me, what kind of products do you usually buy? Is it difficult for you to choose between the brands you see? Do you read the ingredient list before buying?


My eldest daughter loves to visit museums, on the other hand, I must confess that I am not very adept at culture, but I love sharing with her and taking photos of the thousands of texts that she asks me for, I am her official museum documenter. We recently visited the Atlanta History Museum and I must say that it was an incredible experience.

Visiting the historic houses transported us back in time and we could clearly see how people lived at that time. I closed my eyes trying to live and experience what life could have been in that moment, I think about all the positives things about that time, when everything was beautifully simple, pure and natural.
I think about what we live in today and despite having so much technology and scientific advances we keep looking for the holy grail that is nothing more than peace and happiness, and perhaps we have not seen that we have it right under our noses, in the small details of an ordinary and simple life.
At that time, there was no addictive technology, and the children played outside with rag dolls and wooden carts, life passed in calm while people grew their food in the garden and sewed their own clothes, people weren’t in a hurry and could spend hours on the porch looking at the beautiful sky and sharing stories about the past and creating new memories.

How wonderful it is when time collapses between the past and the present, like when a smell or an object transports us to important moments in our lives and we relive it for an instant.

Take a second to cook calmly, to sew a button on that shirt that you have been waiting for a long time, sit on the porch without haste and talk with the ones you love the most, eliminate electronic devices for a day and live life as it was made for be lived.

😎Summer recipes! Nothing more delicious than fresh seasonal ingredients.➡️ Find these gluten free, dairy free and extrem...

😎Summer recipes! Nothing more delicious than fresh seasonal ingredients.

➡️ Find these gluten free, dairy free and extremely nutritious recipes in my cookbook.

1. AIP Plum and Blackberry Cobbler (page 225)
2. Blue Lemonade (page 270)
3. Grain-free Cherry Bars (page 250)
4. Mango Ceviche with Shrimp (page 86)
5. Quinoa Porridge (page 54)

Order my signed copy at

📷 .agois

🫖You know how much I like to make everything myself, and that includes the tea blends. So, now you can find my new Tulsi...

🫖You know how much I like to make everything myself, and that includes the tea blends. So, now you can find my new Tulsi and Hibiscus blend in the restaurant, so you can prepare your cold or hot tea at home anytime (don't forget to also order some delicious biscotti to accompany this delicious tea) 😋.

🌿 Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb related to basil, it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, and scientific studies show its properties to combat physical, chemical (such as industrial pollutants and heavy metals), metabolic, and psychological stress. 🌱It has been shown to help normalize blood glucose, blood pressure, and lipid levels, has positive effects on memory and cognitive function, and through its anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties.
Tulsi has broad spectrum antimicrobial properties against a variety of human and animal pathogens, and you know what? It’s absolutely delicious!

My learning about breastfeeding began when I was pregnant with my first daughter. It was always clear to me that I wante...

My learning about breastfeeding began when I was pregnant with my first daughter. It was always clear to me that I wanted to breastfeed my babies and I thought that learning about it before giving birth could be useful.

I joined the La Leche League group La Leche League International and began to attend the meetings they held and I realized that there was a huge world to discover there, a lot of information, a lot to learn.

As natural as breastfeeding may seem, there are many lessons to be learned and that is why during the history of humanity those were lessons that were transmitted from woman to woman, from mother to daughter, a beautiful support network based on love and wisdom.

I had 5 beautiful, difficult, tired, exciting, happy, complicated, long, and satisfying lactations; I had sores on my ni***es,I had to breastfeed while we went through a health nightmare with another one of my girls, I had to take antibiotics sometimes, I had problems expressing my breast milk, I had to breastfeed while struggling not to miscarry (twice), I had mastitis, and it all was the most incredible experience, and I want to share with you what I learned:

1. To produce milk, a woman needs two fundamental things: information and support, and the most important of these two is SUPPORT.
Many times mothers feel very lonely while they are in the breastfeeding stage. The first photo taken by my photographer friend JuanFran (and with which we won a contest) shows the loneliness and frustration we feel when we don't have the support and guidance we need.

2. Breast milk is basically produced in our brain, and if we are being bombarded by messages like "in our family we don't have milk", "neither your mother nor your grandmother had milk", "breastfeeding is very difficult", for sure we will not produce milk. That is why it is very important to surround ourselves with a positive environment, with people who give us peace of mind and a lot of support, and to reject visits and comments from negative people.

3. The correct position is very important, it is something that must be practiced and learned until it is mastered, because in this way the mammary glands are stimulated correctly and the cracking of the ni***es is avoided. It's not you, it's all about learning.

4. There is no magic food that makes us produce more milk, the only thing that stimulates and increases the production of breast milk is the direct suction of the baby and drinking water.

5. Forget about schedules, the longer the baby lactates, the more milk you will produce.

6. Supplementation is not necessary, no milk formula powder or glucose water is necessary, the few drops of colostrum that you will have the first days, is the only thing that your baby needs, that, and you.

7. Breast milk changes its composition according to the age and nutritional requirements of your baby, that's how magical nature is. So when the doctor tells you not to breastfeed your one (or two or five) year old baby because your milk is useless, just ignore him!

8. Practicing co-sleeping allows you to rest better at night and makes breastfeeding easier. You need to rest and save energy.

9.All mothers always give our best, whether or not we have breastfed our babies, they always receive our unconditional love, you never doubt about that.


🌿Sprouts are easy to make and grow very fast. And they don’t depend on specific weather conditions or risk being eaten by deer in your yard.

💪🏻They have high levels of phytochemicals, which are chemical elements with enormous antioxidant and anticancer properties.

✅ Sprouting them at home is an excellent way to increase the nutrients in our diet and it is also cheaper than buying the small container in supermarkets.

🪴 First soak your organic seeds in water overnight.
➡️ In the morning drain and wash them.
➡️ Place them in your sprouting jar and the next day repeat the process.
✅ In 3 or 4 days, depending on the seeds you are using, you will have a jar full of delicious and nutritious sprouts.
🥗 Use them in salads, in stir-fries, in sandwiches, or on your avocado toast.

➡️ Find this Sprouting Kit and organic seeds here



🪴Did you know that plants can detoxify the air in your home by cleaning up airborne toxins?
🍃Nature always has an answer for everything.

➡️There are many materials that pollute the air in your home like paints, cleaning products, furniture, candles, printers, building materials, ceiling and floor tiles, packaging, heaters, fireplaces, gas stoves, car exhaust in the garage, chemicals used in household products, particle pollution that originate from indoor (sources like cooking, combustion activities) and the list goes on.

🪴Different studies showed that each plant cleans certain types of toxins, so the more quantity and different species you have, the purer the air inside your house will be.
🌱Plants are not just amazing air purifiers, they also give you a feeling of calm and happiness, they bring positive vibes to your home.

🪷Sometimes referred to as baby rubber plant, peperomia is a commonly grown, low-maintenance houseplant. Peperomia reduces the level of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is an important chemical used widely by industry to manufacture building materials and numerous household products.

🍃Dieffenbachia is a plant of beautiful foliage that is native to the West Indies, Mexico, and the South of Argentina and is great for houses and offices. It requires low maintenance and it does really well at absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.

🍀Bromeliad, a beautiful plant that provides an exotic touch to your home. Easy maintenance, it need medium to bright light. This plant can effectively remove acetone, formaldehyde, and benzene from the air.

🪻Spider Plant flourish in bright, indirect sunlight with lots of water . It battle toxins including carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene, a solvent used in the printing and rubber industries.

🪴Peace Lily is one of the top air purifying plants and require minimal maintenance, preferring underwatering to overwatering. The NASA study found peace lilies to be the most effective houseplant for removing TCE (Trichloroethylene is used as a solvent for degreasing metal parts during the manufacture of a variety of products) from indoor air pollution, removing 23% over 24 hours.

🪷Pothos also called devil's ivy because it is reportedly almost impossible to kill. They prefer brighter spots in the home and love moisture, so make brilliant bathroom plants. They purify the air and remove toxins proving its effectiveness in reducing formaldehyde, benzene and toluene.

🌻The Bird's Nest Fern are great on a coffee table or hanging from a macrame hanger. Its bright, apple-green hue, rosette shape, and distinctive crinkly fronds are beautiful and filter out formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the air.

📗You know that I didn't study to be a chef, a doctor, a nutritionist or anything really. The truth is that I didn't have...

📗You know that I didn't study to be a chef, a doctor, a nutritionist or anything really. The truth is that I didn't have the opportunity to go to university, but I love studying and I really enjoy learning.

📚I know that many of you are like me, in a constant search and learning to improve your and your family’s health through food and a healthy and clean lifestyle, so I hope this list of some of my favorite books could help you on your journey.

1. Pegan Diet.
2.Young Forever.
3. The New Rules for Aging Well.
4. Fast This Way. .asprey
5. Como.
6. The Wahls Protocol.
7. PaleoVida.

Find them all on my Amazon page :


🥳 Super easy and quick recipe to use as a side dish or as a snack.

➡️ Yuca, or cassava root, is rich in starch content, an excellent source of energy, and a good source of vitamin C and A, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin.
✅ You can buy it whole and fresh in any supermarket or frozen already peeled and chopped in Latin markets.

🌿 Ingredients
Yuca cooked in 3-inch by 1.5-inch sticks
Unsweetened and uncured bacon
extra virgin olive oil

✅ Place the raw yuca sticks in a pot and cover them with water.
✅ Cook them quickly, they have to be soft but not overcooked.
✅ Drain quickly and let them warm. Add olive oil and salt and stir with your hands to make sure they are evenly coated.
✅ Wrap each yucca stick with half a strip of bacon and place them on a baking tray.
✅ Bake at 350 F until the bacon is crisp and the yuca is golden brown.
➡️ Serve with your favorite sauce, I used my pepper sauce from a previous post, but you can also use a huancaina sauce or the cashew mayonnaise from my cookbook.

This is so exciting!!!!! 🥳 📸

This is so exciting!!!!! 🥳


Remembering when I was invited to a television show in Lima, making super healthy sandwiches.The show is in Spanish, cli...

Remembering when I was invited to a television show in Lima, making super healthy sandwiches.

The show is in Spanish, click here:

➡️ But remember that YouTube has the option of auto-translator into English.


If I told you that these crepes are gluten and dairy free and are also paleo and they don’t have an eggy flavor, you wouldn’t believe me and they are incredibly delicious!

This super healthy recipe is in my cookbook but here I made a small variation, I separated a little batter and added a teaspoon of cacao and vanilla powder to create these cute designs that my daughters love.
✅ You can also make a beautiful green color with matcha powder or you can use some blueberry powder to create a beautiful pink color.

➡️ You can use these crepes for both sweet and savory dishes, try my crepes with chicken and bacon that you can make a vegetarian version by changing the chicken to jackfruit, or my crepes with berries, both in my cookbook.

➡️ Order a signed copy here : or find a copy on HarperCollins website, Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.


Wood or plastic? What is the safest cutting board? Like everything in life, nature wins.
✅ Despite what the sanitary regulations of many countries say, nowadays many scientific studies confirm what the ancestral wisdom already knew: wooden chopping boards are safer because bacteria are encapsulated inside the wood, making them harmless. On the other hand, all the bacteria that form on plastic chopping boards remain on the surface and continue to reproduce over time.

✅ I once saw a documentary that talked about the cheeses that some French cloistered nuns made following traditional methods of fermentation in wood (perhaps violating all health regulations) so the inspector forced them to switch to stainless steel, and it happened that the cheeses they began to swell instead of shrink and even explode.
They did analyzes and found that the bad bacteria thrived after the cheese had ripened, which was not the case with cheeses made in wooden barrels, rather the bad bacteria gradually died out and the good grew on wood. It also seems that the good bacteria displaced the bad ones (just like it happens in our gut).

✅ Technology is super helpful, advances in many fields help us as long as they are used correctly, but we must never forget a basic principle: Nature is wisdom, Nature is always right. Every time we have a question about anything, let’s think that the natural origin of things is the winning answer.

(2/2) We were never romantic, none of us, we preferred sarcastic jokes and practical gifts, but this year was different....

(2/2) We were never romantic, none of us, we preferred sarcastic jokes and practical gifts, but this year was different. Sebas arrived with a bouquet of roses (I had a big pastrami sandwich for him, so it made me look bad) and while we were planning to go out for a cocktail, the girls and my mom called us to the porch, and they gave us an incredible surprise. They had prepared a romantic dinner for us and the song with which we met did not stop playing.

Days before we were talking about how much our babies have grown, I am no longer the mother who walks with 5 little girls all holding my hand to cross the street, life is full of stages that go by, changing, and each one is incredibly beautiful and full of surprises. Sometimes we don't notice it because life happens too fast, but all of us are changing daily, we leave stages behind and enter new ones that come with new challenges and blessings. The question is, are we aware of these changes and are we fully living it? 23 years have passed very slowly and very fast at the same time and I can only say that if you ask me again, I would say yes.

(1/2) A few days ago we celebrated 23 years of marriage. I can say that I am with Sebas more time than I am alone. I can...

(1/2) A few days ago we celebrated 23 years of marriage. I can say that I am with Sebas more time than I am alone. I can say that our journey has been incredibly unique and he has been the perfect partner to weather the storms together and enjoy the sunny days.

25 years ago we met in a bar, our first date was to see the Titanic and he had his arm in a cast, so I sat on that side on purpose, just to have fun watching him try to hug me throughout the movie.

We got married very young, in a very old church in the historic center of Lima, the San Pedro Church, which was inaugurated in the year 1638.
We had an incredible ceremony, in an imposing and majestic shining altar, the church was full and when we left, the rowing team to which Sebas belonged made us the traditional crossing of oars. You may not be surprised to know that I designed my wedding dress myself, I was always very clear about what I wanted.

Over the years we've both changed a lot, we've changed each other, and I think for the better. We have learned a lot, and we have supported and pushed each other whenever someone fell exhausted or became hopeless.


This drink is something of a magic trick that everyone loves, so it’s terrific for when you have guests over for lunch. Like any magic trick, it has a preamble and a mystery, but in this case, the secret is revealed. After letting your guests enjoy the spectacle of the mysterious color-changing liquid, you’ll let them in on the secret of the magical and beautiful blue butterfly pea flower.
And there’s no need to restrict the big reveal to special guests—it’s a beautiful drink for a family summer lunch in the garden.
✅ Find the recipe on page 270 in my cookbook
✅ You can order a signed copy on our website


I am in a constant search for clean products, and laundry detergent is one of those issues that worries me because the chemicals end up in contact with our skin and contaminating our planet. I found these Soap Nuts that have been used since ancient times as a laundry detergent and whose shells contain saponins, which have surfactant properties. More information in the description. These are reusable, and cheap, if you want to know more, read the description.

🌿I am in a constant search for clean products, not only to feed my family, but also to clean my house and clothes, and laundry detergent is one of those issues that worries me, not only because of the chemicals that are released into the fabrics of the clothes and then come into contact with my family's skin, but also because of the microplastics and chemicals that are released through the drain.

💡One of the products that I found that caught my attention are Soap Nuts.
Soap nuts are not really nuts, but berries. Their scientific name is Sapindus and they come from the lychee family.
➡️ These nuts do not actually contain soap, but their shells contain saponins, which have surfactant properties, having been used for washing by ancient Asian and American peoples. Ancient wisdom? always right, right?

➡️ Here is some information I found on how to use these magic nuts:

✅They don't foam like regular detergent, but don't worry, they do the job of washing, removing odors, and removing some light stains, but it's not a deep wash for tough stains.
✅ If you want to enhance its effect and also soften your clothes, you can use a little vinegar in the rinse cycle.
✅ Do not use them whole, if they are not broken, break them a little with your hands before using them.
✅ Usually a few are placed in a cloth bag (the ones I bought come with this bag) and they are first placed inside the washing machine and then the clothes are put in.
✅ Depending on the amount of clothes and the capacity of your washing machine, you can reuse them several times, which makes it a very economical detergent.
✅ There are people who say that it is better to soak them for a few minutes in hot water before using them and also add them with the soaking water in the washing machine.
✅ Other people boil the nuts for an hour and then use the liquid by portions, like liquid detergent.
✅ If you want to add a smell to your clothes, you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the bag.

➡️ So far I have done 2 tests, first I washed my dogs' blankets and second I washed their bed and I must say that I am impressed because both washes left things clean and what amazes me the most is that they no longer had a dog smell.


💚 Si hablas español (or if you want to use Google translate to translate into English) te cuento que estoy escribiendo una columna semanal para el Periódico La Visión, donde comparto información sobre salud, recetas y todo lo relacionado a un estilo de vida saludable.

Solo tienes que entrar a la web de La Visión ( y buscar mi nombre en la sección Opinión.

Y si tienes sugerencias sobre temas a tratar solo escríbeme por aquí.


🥞Every meal is an opportunity to give your body all the nutrients it needs. A sweet breakfast can be delicious, but also loaded with protein and good fats, giving you also satiety and energy to start the day.

➡️ These pancakes are extremely delicious and satisfying and you can freeze them for months so you always have a quick and nourishing breakfast on hand.

✅ Hazelnuts are packed with brain-boosting nutrients like vitamin E, manganese, thiamine, folate, and fatty acids.
They have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory capacity and can even help reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.


5 eggs
80 g (2.82 oz) hazelnut flour
20g (0.7oz) pumpkin seeds protein powder
20g (0.7oz) cacao powder .chocolate
28g (0.98oz) coconut flour
3 oz (85 g) applesauce
1 tbsp pure maple syrup
1 tsp homemade baking powder (look for the recipe in my cookbook)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp hazelnut extract (or vanilla) (see my favorite brands on my Amazon page
pinch salt

✅ Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
✅ Spread a little coconut oil in the hot cast iron skillet and pour some pancake batter.
✅ Cook over medium heat on both sides and serve with your favorite berries and pure maple syrup or a chocolate ganache by melting 70% chocolate with a little bit of homemade almond milk.


My daughters always prefer savory breakfasts to sweet ones (wise decision indeed!) and this muffin was a last minute creation when I was about to serve them fried eggs with avocado, and suddenly I realized that it had cooked bacon from the night before and I thought, this breakfast would be perfectly complete with a good muffin. So sorry but there is no step-by-step video because I was in a hurry to serve my girls breakfast.

Bacon & Olives Breakfast Muffins (Paleo)

46 g (1.62 oz) chopped crispy uncured unsweetened bacon
50 g (1.76 oz) cassava flour
135 g (4.76 oz) almond flour
23 g (0.81 oz) coconut flour
30 g (1 oz) arrowroot
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/4 tsp dried rosemary
1 1/2 tsp homemade baking powder (recipe in my cookbook)
1/4 cup + 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 eggs
1/4 cup homemade almond milk
1 tsp salt
68 g (2.4 oz) Kalamata olives or Peruvian botija olives chopped
H**p seeds as needed

✅ Preheat the oven at 350 F
✅ Place the almond flour, coconut, cassava, arrowroot, baking powder, nutritional yeast, salt, rosemary in a bowl and mix well.
✅ In another bowl, place the eggs and with a whisk beat them slightly, add the olive oil and milk.
✅ Once well incorporated, add the chopped olives and bacon.
✅ Spoon the batter into muffin tins and sprinkle with h**p seeds.
✅ Bake for 35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
✅ Serve hot.

😎Summer Sippin 2023, 🍹since tomorrow you can find this exotic drink as part of our menu.➡️ A very special sparkling Peru...

😎Summer Sippin 2023, 🍹since tomorrow you can find this exotic drink as part of our menu.
➡️ A very special sparkling Peruvian Purple Chicha made with quince and combined with a housemade pineapple syrup.
➡️ This combination loaded with antioxidants and spices will be your new favorite this summer.

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