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Blueridge Blueberry Farm & Bakery On our farm we use sustainable agriculture practices. There have been only organic approved sprays and fertilizers used for the last 17 years.

Blueridge Blueberry Farm is a family owned and operated naturally grown blueberry farm in the Thumb Area of Michigan. Richard and Debbie King have owned the Farm for 17+ years.

Operating as usual


We will be opening for you pick around the third week of July. I will be posting more info soon!


We will not be opening this year due to a crop failure from a late season frost. We look forward to seeing you next year!


We had a major frost Memorial weekend. Lost over half of the crop and it looks like what is on the bushes may have a lot of damaged berries also. We will see how things look in the next couple weeks or so and I will post it if we have enough to open. Thank you!


We are closed for the season. Thank you all for your business- we look forward to seeing you next year!😊


Open Wednesday from 9 to 5. The picking is getting slim so come early if you want to pick many berries.


Tuesday brings nice weather and plentiful berries for picking. Open from 9 to 5.


We will be open Monday for picking from 9 to 5. They are calling for possible storms so you might want to check the weather before you come.


Closed on Sundays. Will be open for picking on Monday from 9 to 5.


Will be open Saturday for picking from 9to 5. Come early for the best picking.


Open Friday 9 to 5. Still nice berry picking.


Open today for picking from 9 to 5. Still lots of berries!


Today we are expecting rain and storms. The berries could use a day or two for more to ripen. Check back tomorrow and we’ll let you know how things are coming along!


We’re open today for picking from 9 to 5. Still good picking.


Beautiful day great picking! Open 9 to 5


We are closed on Sundays. Will be open for picking Monday July 20 from 9to 5.


Opening for light picking Saturday July 18 from 9 to 5. Closed on Sundays. Check daily for picking conditions. If we are picked out we close so more berries can ripen. Berries are $2.50 a pound for upick and $5.00 for ready picked. It’s best to call and place an order 810-395-2245. Don’t leave a message with an order- make sure you speak to me. We still grow our berries according to organic standards but are not certified. Due to covid we will only have walking to the field. Our buckets will be lined with plastic. If you wish to tie the bucket around your waist while picking please bring your own rope or belt for that. Children can bring their own little picking containers. There is plenty of room to practice social distancing in our fields! We accept cash or credit. Look forward to seeing you all soon!


Blueberries are starting to ripen😃! Will be posting our opening date and all other info soon.


We have 5 pound bags of frozen blueberries for sale for $25. Call 810 -395-2245 if your interested. We can bring them to the Mt. Clemens on Saturday morning if that’s closer for you to pick up.


We are closed for the season. Thank you for your business!😃


Fair picking- only another day or two of picking. Open 9 to 5.


Open Tuesday for fair picking from 9 to 5. We hope to get some much needed rain today so keep your eye on the weather before you drive out.


Open Monday from 9to 5. I Picking is looking good. Price is $2.40 for upick. Call if you want ready picked berries. (810-395-2245) Bring containers to take your berries home in. This will probably be the last week of picking.


Open from 9 to 5 for fair picking on Saturday. Price is $2.40 pound for upick and $5.00 for ready picked. Bring containers to take your berries home in. Sunday’s we are closed.


Open 9 to 2 for light picking.


Open Thursday at nine. Picking is fair. Come early for the better picking otherwise it could get down to slim picking.


Open Wednesday for good picking. Hours 9 to 5. $2.40 pound for upick.


Tuesday will be a nice day for picking. Berries got some rain and warm weather so they are finally ripening nice. If you are coming you want to wait till maybe 10 am so the bushes aren’t still wet from the rain. Remember your containers to take your berries home in. Upick price is $2.40 lb. Open 9 to 5.


Open today for picking from 9-5. Fair picking, still lots to ripen. If you get here early there’s one patch that looks like nice picking.


We are closed on Sunday.


Opening Saturday morning at 9:00. Picking is fair. Price is $2.40 lb u- pick. $5.00 ready picked. Bring containers to take your berries home in. Our phone at the barn will not be in operation till sometime Monday so if you need to message me I’ll do my best to get back to you.


Sorry I posted hours would be Monday through Friday- it should’ve been Monday through Saturday 9 to 5. Our season is starting out with slow ripening so please check the daily picking conditions and make sure we’re not closed for ripening. I will post daily updates. Thank you! Open today from 9 to 2. Short hours today. There are nice berries to pick but they are not real plentiful. If you need a lot you ( more than 10 pounds) wait till I post “great picking”


We are opening tomorrow morning from 9 to 2. The berries are ripening but not yet in clusters on every bush. The ones that are ripe though are large and nice. If you want to pick a large quantity you might wait for a week or so for more to ripen. The price is $2.40 for upick and ready picked is $5.00. When the picking is more plentiful our hours will be Monday through Friday 9 to 5. Always call for picking conditions. Bring containers to take your berries home in.810-395-2245

Blueberries are in full blossom. We are about 6 weeks from harvest time.

Blueberries are in full blossom. We are about 6 weeks from harvest time.


We are closed for the season. Thank you for your business!


We will be open Saturday July 28 for light picking. Hours are 9 to 5. Price $2.35 # . Bring containers to take your berries home in. This may be our last day of picking due to our crop loss this year.


16276 Donald Rd
Capac, MI

General information

We have U-pick and Ready Pick available. Please call to place an order. Supervised children are always welcome!!

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Thursday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 6pm


(810) 395-2245



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